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Money Monday: You & Debt

Welcome to Money Mondays!

I once saw a homeless man holding a sign that read: “Spare debt?” So clever — and apropos these days, I think.

We all know how much debt I have (you remember my Money, Money, Money post)… Do you have debt, too? (Don’t worry — you don’t have to tell me how much!)

What kinds of things are you doing to whittle it down? Or are you ignoring it?

One resolution at a time…

So far, I am behind on my New Year’s Resolutions. Are you?

On Facebook today, I saw that many people made a resolution to not make any resolutions. Why?

Are they afraid to? (Fear of failure? Fear of commitment?) Think it’s silly? Or have tried in the past with no luck, so why bother again? Or perhaps they are already meeting all their goals, so no need to reaffirm them or create new ones?

I am of the “afraid to” ilk – though, every year, I make them anyway. Although I have found greater success in calling them goals vs. resolutions, of making them monthly versus annually. Because, eventually, whether we like it or not, the months add up to a year. And who knows – by the end of it, perhaps we have met a lot of our ambitions. (Or maybe we just have to be more dedicated the next year.)

Even though I am trailing so far this year, I don’t think it’s too late to catch up.

I also believe, like anything requiring discipline, putting these goals down in writing helps – instead of tracking my daily caloric intake as though I were on a diet, I created a notebook to chart my daily progress of meeting (or not meeting) my aspirations. My New Year’s Diet. Even though I am not eliminating things so much as adding them. So we can say it’s My New Year’s Lifestyle? I plan to review it every night before bed.

Next to 01/01/12, “church” is the only mini-goal accomplished so far… I can surely reach the others though, right? And so can you!

Here are some of this month’s goals:

-Blog every day.

-Work on a piece of writing (book, short story, essay, script) every day.

-Continue to not text. (After three+ months of practice already, I am becoming an expert at this. Plus, I still won’t have a working phone until February, so…)

-See people in the flesh more (versus email or phone calls).

-Reconsolidate all dozen or so of my student loans at a lower interest rate.

-Continue to make student loan payments each month like I did for most of 2011.

-Pay off remaining debts to friends.

-Go to storage at least four times a month to get rid of more things I will never use & have happily lived without for over two years now!

-Volunteer at least once a week.

-Go to church every week. (This is a Repeat Resolution from 2011. I was pretty good in 2011, but then lapsed a bit.)

-Get closer to being able to attain an apartment/housing of my own again. However, until the student loan debt mentioned above gets lower, this is not likely anytime soon. (See my Money, Money, Money entry for more details on this.) (Also, I cannot imagine a non-couch-surfing life anymore!)

-Get at least one piece published by the end of the month. (Or get notification of publication by the end of the month. Knock on wood!)

-Do my TSL column twice a month.

-I think I am a pretty optimistic person almost all of the time… But when tempted not to be, to remember to focus on the positive in every situation/person/etc. instead of the negative.

So these are the goals for January… so far. Hopefully, they will be the same for February…

What are some of yours?

And if you don’t believe in making New Year’s Resolutions, why not?

Money, Money, Money…

When I couldn’t sleep the other night, I thought it was a sign that right when I turned on my couch host’s 500-some-channel TV, Suze Orman’s Money Class came on.

Everyday people from the audience asked her all kinds of questions – When should I start saving for my child’s college education? (Her child was less than a year old. Suze advised the woman to check out My girlfriend and I are moving in together, she makes twice as much as I do, how should we split the rent? (Suze advise that if he and his girlfriend have different incomes, they should contribute the same percentage toward their rent versus the same amount.) And the good old, I have almost $100,000 in student debt and am thinking of filing for bankruptcy to get rid of it. What do you think?

Of course, this last question was the one most relevant to my financial situation and to many of my friends’ as well. Suze told the teary-eyed man that even if he filed for bankruptcy, it would not take care of his student loan debt. Rather, interest would continue to accrue and he’d be in even more financial trouble later. (I think this is a common – and scary – myth, people thinking bankruptcy will erase their student loans.)

As many of you know from this CNNMoney article about my couch-surfing that ran a few months ago, I have a lot of student loan debt. A LOT. As of April, it teetered around nearly $100,000.

Like the man, I wanted to cry. (I think more from shock than anything else.) But as I figured out a payment plan and solution, instead of seeing the debt as a burden, I saw it as an opportunity. (After all, if I had not lost my job in 2009, I would not have given up my apartment and started couch-surfing, which is an incredibly fascinating/rewarding/too-many-things-to-mention-here experience that I would not trade for anything.)

When people ask me why I still do not have an apartment, I remind them that I do pay rent – but to a collection agency; the Department of Education is my landlord. (They obviously had no home to garnish, just wages, so setting up a monthly rehabilitation payment plan was my only option, which was scary for someone who freelances, especially at times when my freelance jobs ebb more than they flow.)

As ABBA’s “Money, Money, Money” song (from the mid-‘70s, mind you) says: “I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay/Ain’t it sad/And there still never seems to be a single penny left for me/That’s too bad…”

Yes, it is too bad for the millions of us who are under- and unemployed, wondering when we will be out of debt, when we don’t have to worry about every penny, when we will no longer have to work three jobs for the price of one.

We all know people in this situation: ourselves, friends who have lost their homes or downsized, Boomerang Kids who have moved back in with their families… And as Suze said on her show, we used to live beyond our means and now we are living below our means; our pleasure in saving money needs to exceed our pleasure of spending money; and don’t let one dollar go to waste.

It’s all about adjusting our attitudes, I think. That’s all we can do, right?

I know it’ll still take months – years – to pay off my loans, but after doing so for several months now, I have to say it is a very satisfying feeling. Instead of being depressed about the insane amount of money I still owe, I get excited about all the money I no longer owe.

We just have to make the most of it in this economy, even if the most seems like very little. But if we add up all the “very little”s, they amount to a lot. Someday, to $98,122.30.