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One resolution at a time…

So far, I am behind on my New Year’s Resolutions. Are you?

On Facebook today, I saw that many people made a resolution to not make any resolutions. Why?

Are they afraid to? (Fear of failure? Fear of commitment?) Think it’s silly? Or have tried in the past with no luck, so why bother again? Or perhaps they are already meeting all their goals, so no need to reaffirm them or create new ones?

I am of the “afraid to” ilk – though, every year, I make them anyway. Although I have found greater success in calling them goals vs. resolutions, of making them monthly versus annually. Because, eventually, whether we like it or not, the months add up to a year. And who knows – by the end of it, perhaps we have met a lot of our ambitions. (Or maybe we just have to be more dedicated the next year.)

Even though I am trailing so far this year, I don’t think it’s too late to catch up.

I also believe, like anything requiring discipline, putting these goals down in writing helps – instead of tracking my daily caloric intake as though I were on a diet, I created a notebook to chart my daily progress of meeting (or not meeting) my aspirations. My New Year’s Diet. Even though I am not eliminating things so much as adding them. So we can say it’s My New Year’s Lifestyle? I plan to review it every night before bed.

Next to 01/01/12, “church” is the only mini-goal accomplished so far… I can surely reach the others though, right? And so can you!

Here are some of this month’s goals:

-Blog every day.

-Work on a piece of writing (book, short story, essay, script) every day.

-Continue to not text. (After three+ months of practice already, I am becoming an expert at this. Plus, I still won’t have a working phone until February, so…)

-See people in the flesh more (versus email or phone calls).

-Reconsolidate all dozen or so of my student loans at a lower interest rate.

-Continue to make student loan payments each month like I did for most of 2011.

-Pay off remaining debts to friends.

-Go to storage at least four times a month to get rid of more things I will never use & have happily lived without for over two years now!

-Volunteer at least once a week.

-Go to church every week. (This is a Repeat Resolution from 2011. I was pretty good in 2011, but then lapsed a bit.)

-Get closer to being able to attain an apartment/housing of my own again. However, until the student loan debt mentioned above gets lower, this is not likely anytime soon. (See my Money, Money, Money entry for more details on this.) (Also, I cannot imagine a non-couch-surfing life anymore!)

-Get at least one piece published by the end of the month. (Or get notification of publication by the end of the month. Knock on wood!)

-Do my TSL column twice a month.

-I think I am a pretty optimistic person almost all of the time… But when tempted not to be, to remember to focus on the positive in every situation/person/etc. instead of the negative.

So these are the goals for January… so far. Hopefully, they will be the same for February…

What are some of yours?

And if you don’t believe in making New Year’s Resolutions, why not?