• Under (Health) Insured

    I have tried getting health insurance so many times, I have stopped trying. Rejected for a biopsied mole here, an Upper GI test there, these tests are on my permanent record like something I accidentally wrote in pen instead of pencil and I can’t find the Wite-Out. And even though I’m trying to redeem myself, […]

  • Please don’t shake my hand… if you’re sick

    Did you know that more germs are spread from shaking hands than kissing? (Check out: http://www.science-facts.com/quick-facts/amazing-human-facts/ and http://www.independent.ie/health/health-news/dont-shake-hands-itll-be-safer-just-to-kiss-1710134.html!) Scientists say this is because our hands have contact with much more bacteria than our mouths. That said, I am probably one of the most germ-conscientious people I know. In fact, I once took years off from shaking […]