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“Get well” tips from the cats

I really hope this flu is almost gone! I love that the cats I’m sitting are doing everything I’m supposed to be doing!

Lots of rest:


And drinking plenty of fluids:

What kinds of things do your pets do?

Please don’t shake my hand… if you’re sick

Did you know that more germs are spread from shaking hands than kissing? (Check out: and!) Scientists say this is because our hands have contact with much more bacteria than our mouths.

That said, I am probably one of the most germ-conscientious people I know. In fact, I once took years off from shaking people’s hands. Ever since I started again, the last few years, I have gotten a very bad flu every six months or so (including the swine flu in 2009). I’m not implying that all these flus were from infected hands, but it’s just interesting.

Sunday, my current flu-with-bronchitis-mixed-in-just-for-fun turned three weeks old. I am ninety-nine percent sure I got it after a handshake-gone-awry. I touched my eye a moment later, then heard the handshaker let out one of the worst coughs I’ve heard in a long time. I was about to go wash my hands and eye, yet the guy insisted he was not sick. The line for the bathroom was very long, so I believed him. Silly me. Why couldn’t he have just kissed me instead?

More and more often in the last few months, I will be at an event and meet someone new and they’ll shake my hand, followed up by a few coughs and a variation of the line, “I’m trying to get over this cold.” Um, then you shouldn’t have shaken my hand or the other 101 in the room. I also think a lot of people mistake having a cold for allergies; but when in doubt, keep your hands to yourself. 🙂

When I’m sick and someone tries to shake my hand, I tell them I have a cold/flu/what have you and ninety-nine percent of the time, they thank me for letting them know and quickly retreat their arm (as well as take a few steps back). (Once in a great while, someone will say they need some sick days at work and beg me to shake their hand, but even then I refuse!)

If someone still wants to shake my sick hand, so to speak, like the nurse at the CVS Minute Clinic* last week, so be it. (She immediately washed her hands afterward.)

So I’m asking each of you for a favor. If you’re sick, don’t shake people’s hands (not even at church during the Peace be with You). You may feel rude for not doing so, but take it from me – it’s better than getting your friend sick. (And don’t forget about karma!)

Aside from taking medicines and trying to be patient (since there is no real cure for the flu, just things to alleviate the symptoms), I’ve been drinking a TON of homemade garlic or ginger tea. (Luckily, I am still cat-sitting, so don’t have to fear getting a couch host sick. Hopefully, the cats will be fine!)

What kinds of potions – drinks/foods – do you make when you’re sick?

Here’s more reading on why handshakes should stop: and

*By the way, this was my second time visiting the CVS Minute Clinic and I cannot say enough positive things about the experience (aside from the fact that I was there for the above). The nurse was friendly, knowledgeable, no lines to wait in, etc.

New Year’s (Week’s) Resolutions – Week One

Last Sunday, I posted several of my New Year’s Resolutions – which are actually New Week’s Resolutions as I find that week-to-week is more manageable. (See my original post for more.)

Here’s Jan. 1-7th with my results in bold.


-Blog every day. – Missed two days, blogged twice in one day, so now one day behind.

-Work on a piece of writing (book, short story, essay, script) every day. Missed FIVE days. Ugh… Need to get out of this lack-of-writing funk! NO EXCUSES!! (Which is an excellent book, btw! Which I apparently need to reread!!)

-Continue to not text. (After three+ months of practice already, I am becoming an expert at this. Plus, I still won’t have a working phone until February, so…) Yep!

-See people in the flesh more (versus email or phone calls). Yep!

-Reconsolidate all dozen or so of my student loans at a lower interest rate. In progress. (Takes more than a week to do!)

-Continue to make student loan payments each month like I did for most of 2011. Yep! (Unfortunately!) See my former Money, Money, Money blog post for more.

-Pay off remaining debts to friends. In progress…

-Go to storage at least four times a month to get rid of more things I will never use & have happily lived without for over two years now! Nope. 🙁 (Will have to go twice another week.)

-Volunteer at least once a week. Nope. (Still choosing a new venue.)

-Go to church every week. (This is a Repeat Resolution from 2011. I was pretty good in 2011, but then lapsed a bit.) Yep!

-Get closer to being able to attain an apartment/housing of my own again. However, until the student loan debt mentioned above gets lower, this is not likely anytime soon. (See my Money, Money, Money entry for more details on this.) (Also, I cannot imagine a non-couch-surfing life anymore!) Ditto! (Stagnant for now.)

-Get at least one piece published by the end of the month. (Or get notification of publication by the end of the month. Knock on wood!) Still have a few weeks for this!

-Do my TSL column twice a month. In progress. First one of the year comes out mid-month! (I’ll post it when it does.)

-I think I am a pretty optimistic person almost all of the time… But when tempted not to be, to remember to focus on the positive in every situation/person/etc. instead of the negative. Yep!


How about you? How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming?