• Need a couch??

    As many of you know, after over four years of couch-surfing, I now have a place to call my own (well, renting, but still)!! But to keep with the couch-surfing spirit, I am now playing couch host! My boyfriend and I have an amazing duplex in Hollywood — so let us know if you need a place to crash! The rest of this month is already booked, and most of May…!

    Here’s one of the couches, and you may even get your own room (depending on availability)! 🙂




    Have you ever couch-surfed or hosted somebody? What was it like? 🙂

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  • Kevin Crilley says:Reply
    April 21, 2014 at 11:15 pm

    I hosted a young couch surfer named Natalia once in Ventura, she was well mannered and very literate for someone from Ojai, she took very good care of my couch while I ventured off to Santa Monica in search of fun with my son…