• Money Monday: My new – $.01 – phone charger!

    One thing I’ve become a pro at all these couch-surfing months is saving money. So when my phone charger literally started on fire a week-and-a-half ago as I plugged it into my couch host’s (CH’s) power strip – causing it to blow fuses in a third of my couch host’s house, which took a few days to get fixed (and is a whole other story!) – I brought it to Verizon and assumed they would give me a new one. After all, with past Verizon phones, when the charger would stop working (like with my old LG, for instance), they often handed me a new one for no charge.

    Here’s a picture of the burnt charger:

    This time, Verizon was once again very nice about it when they handed me a brand new charger… until they said it’s $29.99.


    I calmly explained how my charger had been ON FIRE and blew out all these fuses in a house that’s not even mine (thank goodness for my very nice and understanding couch host, btw!), and I doubted it was the CH’s power strip that caused it… They apologized, saying they had to charge me for the charger. I apologized and handed it back, saying I would get it somewhere cheaper.

    I knew Amazon was the place.

    There, I found my charger for A PENNY!

    Sure, I had to wait a few days for it to arrive, but it was kind of a nice cleanse not having a phone for almost two weeks. For the occasional calls and to contact friends, I used a landline or emailed them. It was fascinating making plans with someone and having to rely on actually showing up on time – them and myself, since I did not have a way to reach them once the plans were set. A great test in accountability, I think.

    So far, the charger works! Though I am avoiding plugging it into power strips…

    What kind of experiences have you had where someone wanted to charge you a lot — but you found a better deal?

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  • Dianna says:Reply
    April 16, 2012 at 11:54 am

    I used to spend about $20 on face creams even at stores like Target. Usually I’m good with getting the cheap stuff because it works fine but Olay has a night facial cream that I like and it’s kinda pricey compared to the general Olay stuff. Amazon has this program were it’s about $13 for what I like and I get it automatically delivered every 2 months. I can cancel or change it to 3,4, or 6 months anytime. I like it. I’ve found lots of make-up and skin care stuff on line for a lot cheaper and the shipping is usually reasonable and still less than if I went to the store. That is the one thing I always check. Sometimes the shiping is crazy and not worth it.

  • Natalia says:Reply
    April 16, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    Dianna – Thanks for your comment. Yes, I agree, sometimes the shipping IS crazy. I once tried ordering something for $.30 on Amazon — until I saw that the shipping was nearly $10! (I quickly emptied my online cart!) 🙂 Also, I’m glad that you, too, take the time to comparison shop! As you know, it is often very much worth it!