• Couch-surfing… with kids!

    I don’t hang out with little kids much. Not many of my friends have any (yet)! This past week, I couch-surfed in the Old Irving Park area of Chicago with two friends and their little kids (2 and 5). “Such good practice!” my grandma said. (Hah-hah!) It was fun, not to mention quite educational.

    I learned that putting a Transformer together (“in 17 easy steps”!) is tough (actually, impossible!).

    transformer - Edited

    That little boys love digging for worms (then hanging them just centimeters from my face until I tell them to let the worm “go home” and back into the garden, alive!).


    I learned that they love yard work.

    wagon rev

    They also liked decorating the area by my couch with their artwork and stuffed animals, “in case you want to sleep with one”.


    And they tried to charm me with freshly picked flowers.


    They also LOVED to play Hide and Go Seek.


    And I had to try my best to pretend not to see them during this round.

    hide and seek

    Then, the two-year-old wanted us to go grocery shopping.

    “We’ll take my car,” he said. (I didn’t fit inside, so I said I’d walk and meet him there. These young kids sure encourage us adults to be creative!)

    car ride

    When he stopped “driving,” he double-checked that he had locked the door.

    locking car

    He then decided to re-park it, along the fence in his backyard.

    I asked what we were buying. He said, “Broccoli, bread, and chocolate ice cream.” I asked for some yogurt. “Okay,” he said in his cute, squeaky two-year-old voice.

    On the way home from “the store,” he ran out of gas and decided to push the car home.

    no gas

    Then, I fake-ate dirt from the garden, telling him it was delicious ice cream. (He fake-ate some, too.)

    He had not wanted to eat his real lunch, PB&J and a yogurt, so I suggested we eat one of them. He agreed, chose the yogurt, and we called it a day! (Well, at least for that hour!)


    Later, he didn’t want a nap, but I sure did!!

    So, there you have it… Even if you’re not a “kid person,” per se, you’ll quickly become one when you couch-surf at a place with children! When I left today, they hugged and kissed me goodbye and the five-year-old said, “I’ll miss you, Natalia.” The two-year-old repeated him and I had to blink and look up to prevent crying in front of them. I promised I’d visit sometime very soon…

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