Hi! If you want to catch up on your reading (and check out some of my writing — hah-hah), you’re in the right place! My personal essays and non-fiction have been published in places such as the L.A. Times, the Chicago Tribune’s RedEye, CNNMoney, Elite DailyxoJane, Scary Mommy (formerly The Mid), Elephant Journal, and various Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

I write regularly for Bustle (sex, dating, relationships, and money — from news stories to reported pieces and personal essays), HelloGiggles (news, pop culture, and personal essays), Don’t Waste Your Money (yep, about money!), Simplemost (lifestyle and news), and The Delite (feel-good stories). See below for specific articles and additional publications.


99 Tips to Transform Your Business Today

“Sleep With Your Friends”

Bustle (sex, dating, and relationships articles and essays) – click here to see all my posts

Here are a few examples:

“What I Learned From Being On The TV Show ‘Blind Date’, Because Dating Is A lot Different When Thought Bubbles Are Involved”

“How To Find Love On Tinder, Because Swiping Right Isn’t Only For Casual Hookups”

“How To Decode Tinder Messages, Because ‘Hi’ Has A Totally Different Meaning On The Dating App”

Chicago Tribune’s RedEye

“No rent: My life as a couch-surfer”

“Chicago: It’s not too late to start that balcony garden–but hurry up”

Chicken Soul for the Soul

Tough Times, Tough People: “Free Faith for Sale”

Count Your Blessings: “Playing the Game”

Living Catholic Faith: “My Saturday Starfish”

Campus Chronicles: “Taking a Break from Spring Break”

What I Learned from the Dog: “Peanut”

Family Matters: “Chicago’s Great Rat Infestation”

True Love: “My Worst-And Best-Easter”


“Help, I’m (under)employed!”

Elephant Journal

“How Nightly Walks Help Me Grieve.”

“Nocturnal Connections: How a Bout of Insomnia Led to the Most Unlikely of Friendships.”

Elite Daily 

“Don’t Kiss And Tell: 12 Pieces of Dating Advice From My Grandma”

“How A Coldplay Concert Gave Me The Courage To Begin The Grieving Process”

HelloGiggles (news, pop culture, and personal essays) – click here to see all my posts

Here are a few examples:

“How I quit texting (and became a better friend)”

“That time I had to sign a relationship prenup”

“What I learned from dating someone with a drinking problem”

L.A. Times

“The Hazards of Halloween Parties”

LA Weekly

“Crashing at Your Place” (I did not write this one, but you should read it anyway! It’s about my couch-surfing, of course!)


“Peanut” Press

NPR: Protojournalist

“The Couchsurfer’s Guide To Life”

Scary Mommy (formerly The Mid)

         “The Time I Was An Online Dating Coach… For My Mom”

Simplemost  (lifestyle and news) – click here to see all my posts


“How I Became a ‘MINImalist’: Learning to Live With Less While Couch Surfing Through L.A.” 

“Tripper of the Week: Natalia Lusinski”

WOW! Women on Writing

“How Background Noise Becomes My Writing Soundtrack While Moving from Couch-to-Couch Every Week”


“IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Asked Santa for a Boyfriend and Tinder Delivered”

“IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Had Crippling OCD and Believed I Could ‘Catch’ Cancer”



Overseas Property Insider Podcast

Couch-surfing over 200 couches in four years


WGN (Amy Guth’s show)



KOST (regarding my no-texting policy, as I wrote about in HelloGiggles: “How I Quit Texting (and became a better friend)”)